Sunday, June 3, 2007

Let me out!!!!

This is a little moment of Gavin's that I caught this morning as he was waiting to go to church. I think he recognizes a beautiful day and wants to be a part of it! We all felt that way I think, so after church we packed ourselves a family picnic and headed for a lake close by. We haven't had a lot of family fun days lately, so it was nice to just get out and play a bit. We had our sandwiches and veggies, and then Ember just couldn't help herself and had to get to the water. She was soaking by the time we left, but it was worth it for an evening in the sun. I hope everyone else had a rejuvinating Sunday!

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littlegreen said...

Megs!!!! those are all such cute photos, you look like one of those bloggers I love to go to just to see their photos!!! beautiful beautiful new layout... I love it!! the white makes it feel so crisp and fun!
love it!!