Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Day 3....Going strong!

Well, today was a good day 3. I think it's getting a bit easier to eat this way, but I'm feeling a little of the detox effects. I had quite a bit of the headachey, nausea feeling this afternoon, but it's much better now. I don't think it's from not eating enough, I've been stuffing myself as much as possible at each meal! :)

Breakfast: Brown rice, two fried farm eggs, rice milk

Lunch: Guacamole (avacado, lime juice, tomatoes, spoonful of salsa), slice of turkey lunchmeat, rice cakes

Snack: Almonds, a few Triscuit crackers (maybe not the greatest, but they're pretty much just wheat, salt, and oil)

Dinner: Spaghetti sauce with hamburger over brown rice, rice milk

Snack: I think I'm going to have an apple :)

1 comment:

littlegreen said...

Dinner sounds good. spaghetti sauce? Is that allowed? I could do that. Last night I ate well... but I am really excited for next week when it's over, not a good sign, right? love ya!